25 thoughts on “What is Strategy?”

  1. He was correct with the ACTIONS are not STRATEGIES! BUT – He described
    GOALS and called them STRATEGY. Hey folks, this ain’t right either.
    Strategy is the BROAD PLAN to attain the GOAL of say “finding our unique
    niche in the marketplace.” BUT – this is such a small clip, what else did
    he say?

  2. @TebanBrinx I think a strategy is best thought of as a ‘theory of the
    firm’. These are the constraints that you are going to work within that
    define you as a company. Thus LVMH revenue strategy is low volume, high
    margin whilst Wal-Mart is high volume, low revenue. Your definition is the
    definition of a plan. I dare say a Harvard Prof knows more about strategy
    than referring to a commonal garden dictionary. In fairness, he doesn’t
    even get a chance to explain the two other limitations…

  3. Good, I like that you share this video This 1 minute clip from Micheal
    Porter is a must see for each of us to learn what strategy really is, I
    wish success always

  4. I think it is important to take the oposite view sometimes. Instead of
    always saying what something is, it might be mutually beneficial to look at
    what something is not. Also I thought it was interesting that he defines
    strategy at its most basic form as “what UNIQUE position will we BE ABLE TO
    achieve…” solidifying that strategy needs to be unique to your company,
    blended with your core competencies and also inherently have a goal in it,
    keeping an eye on the future more then the past.

  5. I don’t know why your comment was uprated but this is what you just said: /
    The steps we take = methodology A strategy is a set of systematically
    planned actions(methods) that take time out for a particular purpose.
    Methods are part of strategy. It’s the execution of a plan to reach a goal.
    You proved him right. Micheal referred to people who don’t think further
    than one step. That’s wrong. There’s no fault tolerance/planning involved.
    That’s missing pieces of the puzzle WHICH is strategy.

  6. I think you should take a look at another dictionaries… Michael Porter is
    the leader of gurus in Strategy. His first book, published 30 years ago,
    nowadays is still been studied by pupils at Universities all over the world.

  7. Great video, Spot on.

    Strategy is an idea. A conceptualization, A unique positioning in the
    market that others cannot match with you. You don’t have 10 different
    strategies. You have ONE strategy or you’ll confuse the whole organisation

    Strategic business planning are about the operational of the
    organisation/business and they are easy to copy. Even creating the products
    and service are easy to copy.

    It is the “meaning” that floats in the customers and audience head about
    you, your business, organisation, brand as they experience your company
    culture when connecting to the offer or even just getting more info.

    It is choosing a unique and valuable position that is combined or rooted in
    the business system of activities. That’s what is very difficult to copy by
    others businesses.

  8. This is an excellent short summary of “What is Strategy” by the guru,
    Michael Porter. 

  9. Yeah,I commented on Googleplay about this crappy game called “Modern War by
    GREE.They say there is strategy.All I see is attack and defense,with some
    cash.They need to go to school again.

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