25 thoughts on “Vemma – 2 Kick Butt Strategies to Build Your (Vemma) Business – Review”

  1. Hey man, I just joined the Vemma business, and I was wondering if I could
    get some help with that, if you could help, it would be much appreciated, I
    tried almost everything and it just seems like people arent going for it

  2. My Vemma team is killin it! 5 O 3 7 3 4 7 6 5 8. No bs lies or fake
    stuff! Ppl on my team are already successful and professional without

  3. If you are looking to join the fastest growing vemma team in the nation
    call me at 240-449-5623. Much love to you all talk to you guys soon!

  4. Pour les francais qui souhaiteraient rentrer dans le système, vous pouvez
    m’ajouter sur facebook, arthur cohen !
    A bientot dans la YPR !

  5. What a bullshit scam. You people do nothing but make $ off other people’s

  6. Vemma exploits the young, naive, ignorant, and worst of all the uneducated.
    This guy is saying, “I’m good at finding suckers” I’ll teach you haw to
    find suckers too!

  7. Dude you are absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for these tips, you
    may have just got me motivated in this again. You’ve probably heard it all
    before but ignore the penniless haters and keep on what you’re doing =)
    You’ve certainly changed it for me

  8. lol …such a wee pothead… why lead such a manipulative lifestyle? You
    could only be honest with yourself…which hopefully you are… but if you
    bought your views and likes on this video… start on a different path in
    life 😉 

  9. Are all people dumb on earth?
    Verve sucks soo bad!
    Drink water this is shit for your health!

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