12 thoughts on “Top Tips for New Real Estate Agents”

  1. I really like your advice. I am thinking of persuing a career in real
    estate starting classes Oct 19. Do you have any advice what more can I do
    to better prepare

  2. Honestly, what you seem to be doing right now is the best thing you could
    be doing. You want to start investigating different ways to market yourself
    and set up your processes early on. You will have a jump start if you can
    develop your game plan now – you can do so much now, everything from
    develop a blog around your farming community to creating a lead follow up
    system. The more ways you can automate now, the better! Good Luck!

  3. To become a real estate agent, you should be highly competent, qualified,
    and skilled agents.

  4. Always looking for sellers, buyers are always there! Always. if I had 100
    listings I would know the buyers were on their way before they did.

  5. Also it’s really important, to care for the clients needs and wants. And
    think of them, as if they are your own family. 

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