Top 10 Online Business Strategies to Survive the Recession

The thing I like the best about a recession is that it separates the wheat from the chaff. What I mean by this is that businesses that are being run poorly, or are no longer needed will be eliminated. This is simply the economy correcting itself. As these businesses are eliminated, the economy will correct itself and improve.

If you want to improve your business though, there are plenty of easy ways to do it.

Here are 10 of my favorite strategies, and you can get started with little or no money:

1. Recycle your traffic by building a list. At least 95 percent of those who visit your site won’t buy the first time. Building a list gives you a better chance of converting your visitors by getting your message in front of readers repeatedly.

2. Try free internet marketing techniques that build your reputation as an expert: article writing, forum marketing, and social marketing.

3. Optimize your website(s) for the search engines. By optimizing your website, you target the right keywords and target your market.

4. Begin a PR campaign. Analyze what is news in your business and write about this news. Don’t make up news; put yourself in your readers’ shoes. What would they want to know about you?

5. Try using free classified advertising to help you expand your market. This is an easy way to reach those new to the internet. Offer something for free to get others to your site.

6. Expand your product offerings by either creating new products or adding affiliate products to your mix.

7. Try offering your products in formats you may not have previously offered them in. This works particularly well you if sell ebooks. Make them books, audios, videos, etc.

8. If you sell your own products, offer an affiliate program for your business. This is a major form of leverage in your business. By allowing others to sell your products, you expand your markets.

9. Don’t cut your marketing program; increase your marketing by adding more techniques, money, or intensity to your current efforts. Without proper marketing, your business will go under. This is the most crucial element in your business. Don’t neglect it.

10. Look for cost saving measures that are realistic. If you can get affiliate program management or autoresponders somewhere else that are just as good but cost less, then change.

If you’ve ever dealt with internet marketing gurus, they never offer you the most cost effective solution to solve your problems; they offer you the most expensive. Don’t fall for it. Cut expenses everywhere you can because Income – expenses = profits. Give yourself a raise by managing your business better.

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