15 thoughts on “Top 10 Inexpensive Real Estate Staging Tips – Staging Your Home To Sell Fast”

  1. How the heck are you supposed to LIVE in this house for the several months
    (or years?) it may take to sell the place after all the stuff you need is
    gone and it’s filled up with designer soap and bowls of fruit?

  2. @hedgeapplecraft If you get it done right the first time, with a good
    professional stager, you could sell your house in a few days, under a
    month. That is why you need a stager, who knows what he’s doing, and has
    experience selling a lot of houses. The difference between the top
    salesperson and doing it yourself

  3. I agree with this 100%. We staged our house. We did the staging our selves.
    When I was staging our house, I asked myself “does it look like someone
    lives here” if they answer was NO it doesn’t I knew I was there! It was so
    easy to pick up and go when someone wanted to see it. We will actually do
    this in our new house, just because it feels so good to live in a mess free

  4. You make a valid point “hedgeapplecraft”. John please can you elaborate on
    this point. I would also like to know how you get around this without
    having to move out indefinitely. Also, you may have had to rent furniture,
    clearly you cant rent indefinitely. Thank you.

  5. If you’ve priced your property realistically you shouldn’t be there for
    several months or years. It’s only worth what someone is willing to pay.

  6. It’s true that’s it’s real hard to live in your home while your home is
    being staged but you need to switch on 2 selling mode and you need to
    understand that while you’r selling your home it’s not your home anymore
    it’s the buyers home if you’r not able to do that then why sell? If you are
    forced to sell, well than you need to do everything in your power to
    succeed. You can’t have both.

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