18 thoughts on “Top 10 Home Repair Tips”

  1. Funny–in the choices of “What’s most important to you when looking to buy
    a home?” on your channel, QUALITY/CRAFTSMANSHIP isn’t a choice. Seems
    nobody knows what it is anymore and why it’s so hard to find or so costly
    when you do. It should be a top priority instead of all the throw-away
    homes of today. They may as well be pole buildings for as much character,
    sturdiness, and long-term liveability they have. IKEA homes. America-not
    known for quality anymore.

  2. @zankhe43 Oh they still build quality homes…..most people I guess
    including you just can’t afford them. America knows how to get more
    families in homes by making them affordable. Doesn’t mean you couldn’t find
    somebody to build a bulletproof house that will last forever with no
    maintenance, it means most would just rather not piss there money away on
    one since the avg. American may only stay there 5-7 years.

  3. I like the basketball idea for checking the way your driveway tilts but if
    it doesn’t tilt the right way than what do you do if you’re not ready to
    repave your driveway?

  4. Tip number three is especially important. Knowing where the shut off valve
    is and having to the tool to shut is off for your water line can make the
    difference between a minor water leak and thousands of dollars on damage.
    If you do wind up with lots of damage don’t forget that most homeowners
    policies cover broken pipes. BenefitBill Teaching Homeowner’s How to
    Maximize Their Claim

  5. The first tip is a great one. It’s so important to get your filters
    changed. It also does a LOT for your indoor air quality.

  6. I think caulk lasts more than a year. 9 tubes. And a few days of work. And
    a few tears. You can’t do it all in the same day. My arm was shaky i did
    three tubes. Havnt finished the rest yet.

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