The Only Brand Building A Small Business Should Do

A small business can NOT afford to use the same kind of brand-awareness strategies big corporations do.

This video shows the ONLY kind of brand strategy a small business should have as part of their marketing.

6 thoughts on “The Only Brand Building A Small Business Should Do”

  1. Excellent points, simple and elegant. Many individuals and companies in any
    industry could use this reminder.

  2. Ad agencies just try to get money from your pocket right? That’s a awesome
    video man. Today businesses are moving toward customer-based, I mean
    whoever serving their customers better will the game. Small businesses have
    to go from the bottom of the ladder, they have to be careful on every
    dollar they spend, so better start from the salesmanship…

  3. I can agree with your points, but these are the focus of branding in the
    current age. There is a difference between brand development and awareness
    building and I think this video is misleading in that point. Small
    businesses do not need to spend big bucks on advertisement, but taking the
    time to understand how to communicate their message in a meaningful way is
    worth its weight in gold.

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