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30 thoughts on “THE ART OF WAR – FULL Audio Book By Sun Tzu (Sunzi) – Business & Strategy Audiobook | Audiobooks”

  1. These book was wrote by men hear the audio sound really boring
    Wome voice sucks. They should only put audio of women if the book was wrote by women

  2. Always wanted to read The Art of War but I must say after finally finishing it, it’s pretty much just common sense. I was expecting something with deeper meaning or understanding. Oh well. With that said though, I have learned the biggest key is persistence and discipline. You must be able to stick to the principles without faltering. That is the key to success. Anyway… If you’re reading this… Good luck and good day.

  3. What happens when both adversaries base their strategies on the same art of war tactics?

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  5. No matter how hard you try to come up with a strategy to victory, you will never succeed if there is no enemy.

  6. This is very interesting but the art of war is not a book to be read once. Its not just a book it is a text book. There is almost nothing in it that is not relevant to military tactics current day. Its still used by major generals. Sunzi was way ahead of his time

  7. So this is what the Jesuits took their strategy from.

    Read rulers of evil if you dont know what im talking bout

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