24 thoughts on “THE ART OF WAR – FULL Audio Book by Sun Tzu – Business & Strategy Audiobook | Audiobooks”

  1. question ,In what way does this book help you ? I find it interesting but i
    cant think of way that this might come in handy 

  2. you have to add subtitles to it guys, even if you know english u can’t stay
    there and look the black screen comeeeeee on

  3. we can use AoW as part of our personal development, the enemy is our
    ego,and conditioned responces, the battelground our minds (maybe lol)
    never STOP loving

  4. “Do you prefer a male reader?” “Well lets give it a try!” *VIDEO IS PRIVATE*
    pure genius.

  5. Thank you Maura Fogarty, i’m only into chapter two and i wanted to thank
    you for such a nice reading 🙂 x

  6. A masterful list of common sense in my opinion. What is so revealing? I’m
    not sure if I would be convinced that it is better not to lay siege to any
    city if you wanted to conquer at minimal loss? A good number of wars have
    been won through sieges. I think the good master is using a lot of theory
    and even some poetry, perhaps too much. Looks good on any CV but lacks

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