10 thoughts on “Surf City NC Mobile Home Repair How to water proof your mobile home Drew’ Roofing and Home Repair”

  1. Wonderful video, Drew! Looking forward to the final step….I will tease
    you some more today! Mrs. Marla

  2. if you tried to do that kind of roof here in washington, the inspector
    would have a shit attack! you could’nt even get a permit to do it. let
    alone get people to spend the kind of money it takes to get done. you must
    be cheap! all you would hear is too much weight for the jacks. they even
    complain about using steel over the steel.

  3. Where can I get the rubber to lay on the roof…I don’t think Lowe’s sales
    it…thanks, I really could use the guidance. thanks

  4. Hi there, I have same type mobile home and I want to put a new roof on it.
    What size thickness OSB did you use? 1/4″? My roof has that curved arch

  5. Why must roofers work without shirts? There are thousands of outside jobs
    for which workmen keep their shirts on.

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