25 thoughts on “Small Business Marketing 101: Creating a Marketing Plan”

  1. I’ve watched this 3 times within a couple of hours – a estaminet to how
    engaging this is. Many thanks!

  2. Need a few tips on marketing? Take a look at this video on how to create a
    marketing plan:

  3. Superior Knowledge, Thanks

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  4. Very well organized and easy to follow concepts. Thanks for sharing this

  5. Fantastic presentation. I learned a lot and can’t wait to learn way more
    about marketing.

  6. Valuable info! I especially liked the phases of customer decision-making.

  7. Great info on the basics of marketing for starting a small businesses. Good
    source of info if you’re planning to start your own business soon. I would
    have to say that Small Marketing tip # 4 is the best because what is the
    point of sending messages to customers if they will only be ignored? Thanks
    for uploading this!

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