25 thoughts on “Slough | Learn Guitar With David Brent”

  1. David Brent seems to cover just about all the guitar techniques in his
    videos -his teaching videos are enormous in number and great in quality

  2. Definitely my favorite Brent tune! Not only is it funny, catchy and a
    genuinely good song, but its also quite lovely. It makes me think about
    someone who lives somewhere mundane but loves it anyway because its there

  3. my fb status today:
    The magic brief!
    ‘They have requested a holding page website with the ability to register
    their details for a future development in (wait for it) Slough….’
    I told you I would make money and meet interesting people in advertising
    mum. xx

  4. When he says ‘hi’ at the beginning, he sounds exactly like Crack Rat from
    The Mighty Boosh.

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