24 thoughts on “Simplify Your Strategy”

  1. great tips! I’ll be looking back at this channel for more, really happy to
    have found it.

  2. Professor Sull – Really enjoyed the article and video and have shared with
    others as part of our strategic planning process. I created a summary in
    Power Point and posted to Slideshare (dot)
    net/modigs/simplify-your-strategy-14075165 for others to apply these
    concepts to their business.

  3. Professor Sull is on target. If you’re interested in what he has said, you
    may want to check my most recent post. I’d be happy to discuss your
    planning approach. johnson-woodford.blogspot.com

  4. Simple strategy is easy to imitate by competitors… Could you show some
    examples of successful simple strategies? How sustainable are they?

  5. Excellent points here! For additional reading I recommend ‘Simplified
    Strategic Planning’ by Bradford & Duncan with Tarcy. Thanks, HBR, for this
    insightful video!

  6. Prof. Sull’s definition of strategy (how a firm creates, captures and
    sustains economic value) is the same as that of a business model. What,
    hence, is the difference between those 2?

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