25 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Video Tutorial Guide”

  1. its the most detailed tutorial ive ever watch about SEO. I know there are
    more but so far ive learned a lot from you please put the tools that you
    are using on the description.

  2. It depends. SEO is a long term process and it can take anywhere from 60
    days to a year to achieve a first page ranking. It depends on several
    factors; domain value and keyword competition being the largest.

  3. Whitehat is a term that is used for techniques that are following Google’s
    guidelines and do not lead to a penalty. This changes from one algorithm
    update to the next. Anything excessive or unnatural in regards to search
    engine optimization is seen as blackhat.

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  7. Nice video! Short and straight to the point. I’d like to emphasize how the
    social media signals and content marketing is where the search engines are
    geared towards right now. Webmasters should be more concious about their
    content’s quality now more than ever.

  8. There is much information about SEO in this video. There truly is a lot of
    time and effort put into an effective SEO campaign. Far too many want to
    take shortcuts so they can achieve short-term results. Unfortunately, these
    short-sighted methods typically do not last for the long-term. It is much
    better to do SEO the right way the first time.

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  14. I really enjoyed your video here. Everyone has been talking about this
    stuff. how long have you guys been in business?

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