Porter’s Generic Strategies

The three generic business strategies Porter stress’s the idea that only one strategy should be adopted by a firm and failure to do so will result in stuck in the middle scenario (Porter 1980 cited by Allen et al. 2006,Torgovicky et al. 2005)

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5 thoughts on “Porter’s Generic Strategies”

  1. the latter 2 are necessary components of building strategic positions. they
    arent foundations of a strategy, they are concepts that are part of the
    interconnected rules of strategy. while low cost is a viable market
    opportunity in markets without one yet, innovation and momentum is
    necessary in our competitive moves, and unity + focus creates strong
    strategic positions in any arena.. success is based on building positions
    and knowing how to advance those positions over time

  2. Thanks for that clarification. I agree that the two components are the
    interconnected rules of strategy. Will have ago at re-woking this
    animation. Thanks for your input cheers, Nigel

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