25 thoughts on “Photographing Real Estate Tips”

  1. @grantmynott Thanks, did you see the walk through video i did of this
    house? The listing agent commented that because of the photos and video he
    has 2 offers that came in!!! It makes a world of difference when you have
    the right stuff. Take them the video i made and say this is worth a ton of
    money, esp if you are selling houses that are more expensive.

  2. @FirebrandNIRE Awesome lens to start. I am working on a series of videos to
    make this easier on you and everyone else getting started right now. We
    will get you through this together.

  3. How long of an exposure do you use? Do you ever use flash when
    photographing Real Estate? Alo I keep hearing about your 5 yr. plan for
    photography, where can I find it or when will it be available? thanks

  4. @ChefWannabeToo Here is a mind blowing tip, you know his name and you know
    about his plan. Well Youtube has a search bar where you can type ‘Jared
    Polin 5 year plan’ and you will not believe it but this will show you the
    exact video!! I think search has only been around for maybe 20 years so
    it’s understandable why people still struggle.

  5. @ChefWannabeToo Aside from not really understanding what you are trying to
    say in that second sentence, it does help to mention book when you are
    asking a question about a book. Maybe you should spend some time learning
    the art of communicating with people before commenting. Oh and here’s
    another tip, because I’m feeling generous today. Add ‘learn how to
    communicate’ to your 5 year plan. 😀

  6. awesome tips – im dying to get an opportunity to shoot a home like this,
    myself. ive shot exteriors of some pretty baller casas, but never
    interiors. Tripod is definitely a must. The link in the description wasn’t
    working, but I found your images on your froknows blog by searching “real

  7. @lastcomicleft could be anywhere from a couple hundred to 1k depending on
    size and if I will be doing video and editing or not.

  8. what about exterior shots? a friend of mine wants me to take photos for his
    website and he only wants exteriors.

  9. That house is only 729k? California living is so expensive… That house
    would probably be 2-3 mil over here

  10. took a look at the shot, its good thing your actually thinking about
    exposure rather then just giving up and going HDR like the faux-tographers

  11. Jared, I tried to click on the lick on the link that you posted, but the
    link is not working, I would like to see your real estate photos.

  12. I don’t mean to nitpick because I really enjoyed your video very much….
    but I hear people say it all the time and it makes it hard for me to take
    them seriously, especially given the profession we are in. The word is
    Realtor (two syllables), not Real-i-tor or Real-a-tor, which are said with
    three syllables. Great video though! Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

  13. This is a great video – I wish the link to your blog worked so I could see
    the pictures from this house photo shoot.

  14. With professionally captured images, your properties can gain customers’
    interest and persuade them to commit to the purchase. To be able to sell
    fast and at top dollar, your photographs must have strong visual appeal.

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