17 thoughts on “Pass The Florida Real Estate Exam The First Time With These Tips”

  1. went to Bob Hogue. Passed class exam on first try. The teacher was I assume
    good at showing property. She was a poor instructor. She took the real
    estate exam 30 years ago. She couldn’t do any of the math. She also told a
    lot of personal silly stories. I wish I had just taken it online. She told
    us to go home & study. I did. Thanks Ron. I am preparing for my state exam

  2. Debbie Thanks for the compliment I assume you have watched all nine of my
    math videos. If not watch them. They are the math you need to do to pass
    your state exam. Also take my practice test on my website at

  3. The 3 houses question can be found here:

  4. Are the percentages given in this video of 45, 45 and 10% still accurate in
    June of 2013? Thanks!

  5. Lisa E When person fails the Florida real estate exam since Feb 2013, they
    give them a more detailed version of the breakdown of what is on the exam
    and how it is distributed. This is also in the “Candidate’s Handbook” If
    you don’t have this valueable booklet, call Kathy at 407 822 3926. She will
    email it to you free. If you are taking your exam soon, you need this.

  6. Bullfranthrow Would you bet $31.50 that the correct answer is $9333.33
    Let’s see if the first house is $9333.33 + $15333.33 +19333.33 = 43999.99
    Yep that must be the right answer. Good luck on your state exam.

  7. Thanks. I’m in Georgia it seems like we have a lot more math. My solution
    was: x= price of first house. 44000=x+x+6000+x+10000, 44000 = 3x+16000, 3x
    = 28000, x = 28000/3 = 9333.33

  8. I can’t stop laughing. Yes, as a teacher I found so many faults in this but
    as a person it was perfect! Way to go Ron. I will email you with my

  9. I was in serious mode, when that sign came down I laughed. Thanks. I am
    watching your math videos now. Im so stuck. 🙂

  10. I’m in California, looking for a online class, does your class work for me?
    I know the state exam requires a certificate for certain hours of classes
    taken, Does it mean you can’t be self taught and have to go to a class?

  11. price of the house is 500 million and the third house for 446,000 so the
    price of the first one is 10 billion dollars and 3 cents

  12. I am terrible in Math, I mean terrible, how will i ever pass this, thinking
    of taking course but not sure due my math skills.

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