Negotiation Strategies, Logo Changes & the Apparel Business | #AskGaryVee Episode 205

Posted by Tommy Cook

I'm a Quality Control Technician who is really into keeping things spotless and perfect. I love to talk about business, sports and taking risks. I'm not afraid of speaking my mind and I do love a healthy exchange of ideas.

36 thoughts on “Negotiation Strategies, Logo Changes & the Apparel Business | #AskGaryVee Episode 205”

  1. Trying to build another business since my last one ended up in flames.
    Thanks for the motivation Gary.

  2. I can’t believe I’ve been watching to so long that I remember you cold
    calling that guy at random in that little office. Damn how times have
    changed, and that sweet ass building!

    Question: do you have a decorator or do you just walk around and make
    changes? Because I believe you have the chops to be an interior decorator,
    or anything.

    Love you Gary!

  3. Hey Gary, I have actually done exactly what you ranted on in this video. I
    stopped CEOing and moved to work in sales at New York Life in Seattle. I
    found, through starting 2 separate businesses, that I am much better at
    selling than the rest of it that comes with owning. Thanks for always
    preaching he hard truth. #respect

  4. Great ! Great content Gary. Thank you for emphasizing that hard work and
    experience will pay off in the long run. Please keep it up.miguel

  5. o I am unemployed. I try to work for myself… Lets take an inventory list
    of what I do…
    Web Development and Design:
    That includes, MYSQL, PHP, CSS and HTML CODING. Including knowledge of
    responsive oriented site design.
    FTP, DataBase Management, Secure Server and Secure server transactions.
    Handcode capable, or use of Adobe DreamWeaver.
    WordPress, WooCommerce, Theme Design and customization. Indepth knowledge
    of WordPress and all its functions.
    Graphic Design: PhotoShop, and every aspect of it. Print Design, Digital
    web design, Iconography, image format compatibilities.
    Custom Graphics for Ad’s, PageLayouts, UI Design and web integration.
    Video Editing and Production: Advanced knowledge of Adobe After Effects,
    and Adobe Premiere. Motion Graphics Oriented design, and over all knowledge
    of output for multiple platforms.
    This includes Live Streaming. knowledge of bandwidth, codec’s and set up of
    veritable live streaming platforms, such as or Youtube.
    3D Modeling: Advanced knowledge of practical 3D development environments
    such as C4D, CAD and animation for 3D oriented motion graphics.
    Music Theory and Sound Production: Advanced knowledge of Ableton. Indepth
    knowledge of Frequency, Compression, EQing and Music Mastering.
    Sound Synthesis and Production Tools Include indepth knowledge of: Serum,
    Sylenthe, Izotope and roughly 15 other sound production and effect VST’s.
    Computer Experience over 30 years: Trouble shooting, File Management,
    Computer Networking, Home Networks and private Networks. Pretty much ask me
    anything about a PC I got you.
    So why am I a broke unemployed useless fuck?
    Do I really have to work at a burger joint to make a god damn fucking
    If I may ask what do you do for a living?

  6. Another great shoooooooowwww Gary and Team. Hey Gary – That right hand
    index finger never stops moving – what’s up with that? Love ya!

  7. #QOTD: Trying to find my next Project Management or Account Management job.
    Applying to at least five jobs a week. Tailoring my cover letters. Had an
    initial interview last week and will be following up today on getting the
    in person interview scheduled. Overall, I’ve been surprised with the lack
    of communication and communication delays from employers and recruiters.
    Thanks for all that you share Gary!!

  8. We’ve recently changed our logo purely because it wasn’t portraying the
    brand or message we wanted to express. It was way too corporate and stiff
    looking when the vision from the start was to be flexible, friendly and
    trustworthy. Now our logo is smooth to look at, less daunting and has
    attracted more attention. If you go for a brand and/or logo change it
    should ALWAYS be for a reason and not because you simply don’t like it
    anymore. Saying that, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with updating
    it’s look to something more with the times, so long as it doesn’t stray
    from the original concept, much like Google. Their old logo used a very old
    typeface, they only made it more modern whilst keeping the core
    characteristics in place.

  9. Two-a-days at the CrossFit gym and eating strict Paleo trying to get abs by
    summer. Then waiting for you to accept my challenge to compete in a WOD of
    your choice! :)

  10. I think it’s cool and I appreciate you being down to earth with the #QOTD.

    I’m in school full time online (which is way harder than I had anticipated)
    for graphic design and web media, while working full time as a sales rep
    for a digital marketing agency all while making <– (intentional use of
    that word) time for my “baby” which is my mobile app called Where to Hunt.
    Doing podcasts, FB Lives Q&A's, selling swag etc. You may have seen my on
    twitter @w2hunt and/or Facebook /Wheretohuntwisconsin.

    With my newly learned graphic design skills, I am re-designing my app
    myself as I prepare to re-investment in app upgrades I feel will make a
    better fit product for my user base. It’s a grind and I love it. Your
    motivation and hard truths are REAL value(able) and I fully appreciate you
    “playing in the dirt” with us all on YouTube and Snapchat (I know you had
    asked for feedback on Snapchat a while back… sometimes your stories are a
    tad long to consume, otherwise it’s cool seeing what goes on in a day of
    the life).

    Thanks again Gary!

  11. What point is he trying to make at 21:40 onwards? Nike, adidas etc are not
    the company’s that the asker should learn from?

  12. Gary, didn’t you say that you can’t be an entrepreneur if you have ever
    worked for someone else?

  13. Hey long time lurker, first comment. What do you think about crypto
    currencies and their ability to disrupt business? I know many more
    businesses are accepting it for payment. Do you invest in Bitcoin at all?

  14. I love this one so much! Friction makes diamonds, probably my favorite
    quote of the show. I have just been working on my business, appreciating
    every second that I have the chance to do what I love to do. Thanks for all
    that you do at another great video

  15. Gary, I travelled 3 and a half hours to see you at your London meet up.
    I gave you my picture of myself in the newspaper with my contact details on
    the back, stating how I want to be your next right hand man at Vayner
    I hope you’re reading this and if so, what else do I have to do to work
    with you for the next 18 months?

  16. WHY WOULD I EVER WATCH “SHARK TANK,” when I can watch #AskGaryVee?..


  17. Gary, what clothing brands do you wear? I notice you wear alot of fashion
    basics. Tshirts, Denim, Sweaters.

  18. I’m glad that that guy Joey asked the question. Gary’s response was the
    slap in the face that I needed. I have been stuck trying to create a Vlog
    as if I were already a Guru. Now I realize that I need to go up to
    top-notch business people, or those who just know what they’re doing, and
    interview them. Then use THAT as my video.

  19. Hey Gary I just quit my job and I am starting to work for the community,
    everybody calls me crazy I teach english to people for free and I am
    putting content in my YouTube channel for people to grow and wake up so
    that they can challenge themselves or the system and make their life

    Hugs from Colombia. Whatsapp: +57 316 761 78 60.

  20. the situation i have noticed is the majority of the self employed need
    affirmative action and that appears to be you as well gary vee!!!

  21. I discovered Gary Vee only a few months ago (sorry!) from Periscope and
    literally EVERYONE talking about this great American guy – I’ve recently
    been gifted the #AskGaryVee book too! Now going to schedule to watch and
    catch up on ALL the episodes. Better late than never eh!? QOTD – I’ve just
    hosted my first multi-speaker event in London. Went really well! Now on to
    the next one! Delivering massive value!

  22. Loved your walk through of selling baseball cards and of the dirt that is
    your core. Thanks for coming out of your clouds for a few. Great reminder
    to nurture the place where I can actually grow from. Feeling ‘ that shit!

  23. I’ve been up to getting my gears going, thanks to you. Building a brand.
    Youtube, FB, IG, TW, LinkedIn, SnapChat, and more. Going to produce
    original content, content, content, content, content, content, content,
    content, content, content, content,…content! Will link it when the first
    episode is up! It’s going to be DOPE!

  24. I’m debating going to school or to work for a little while? I love money,
    but know I need some type of school if the business I work for, or my own

  25. Gary, thank you so much for the content that you put out. I have been
    looking for a mentor and I haven’t been able to find one, but I have found
    that just by watching your videos I have been able get the mentor that I
    have been craving! Thanks again!

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