25 thoughts on “Miami & South Beach Night Tour”

  1. I haven’t been 2 Miami, since I was 7 in 1992. . . I would love 2 go 2
    Miami again!!!

  2. Great video editing, all maps should be made in this way – with the choice
    of music or spoken directions.

  3. TOP JOB Sir! Thanks a lot, I was in 2005 in Miami/Art Deco District. Your
    film brings back a lot of memorys to my mind. It was a very good time for
    me. I never forget it again. Hope I can visit again the states some time.
    The americans were friendliness, willing to help and likable/engaging.
    Thank you America. Salutation from Switzerland

  4. 2:32
    What is the name of that church on the right side of the road on the corner?

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