12 thoughts on “Miami Beach Nightlife featuring Mario Perdomo – con subtítulos en Español”

  1. very nice video bro impressive hosting. although the club selection is just
    tourist traps its a good primer… can I ask what camera did you use?

  2. Cant get in any fucking place in miami … why ? becouse drinking age (21)
    dumb as fuck i looked a wiki and most of the world is 18 lowest is no age
    lols wtf but seriously 21 is to fucking high and when you throw a house
    party people call the cops for people over 21 its nice but under go to
    Istanbul, Germany , places you can get around even if your under 18 ^^

  3. 21 is better cause nobody wants immature little 18n yr olds boys and girls
    running around acting stupid

  4. i dont think stupid immaure 18 yo will go to a top class club 🙂 even if
    they do the guys at the door may not like them and wont let them in

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