25 thoughts on “Marketing Strategy with Philip Kotler at the London Business Forum”

  1. you are great kotler. i liked marketing because of you since i was in
    college we learned your words.

  2. some of producers create placebo value and people believe all of that or
    sometimes they buy it because all manufacturers do the same and the
    customers dont have any choice

  3. nice…i wouls sugguest to know more about the market Promote Mistry
    Shopers ,,,the more they go undercover the more info they will get.

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  5. @onebrandofdemocracy I think the same. Customers do not care about the
    business, they only care about the value they are getting. They only care
    the solution to their problem. If we can solve it and efficiently
    communicating it then we got a business.

  6. The role of marketing is to create, communicate and deliver value to your
    target marketat a profit.
    This comprises product management, brand management and customer management.

    Sounds boring? So much more fun on video with +Philip Kotler
    Marketing Strategy with Philip Kotler at the London Business Forum

  7. Must have marketing strategies for companies, including large corporations
    such as Protor & Gamble.

  8. your brain inversely proportional to your age,you better use it for
    understanding above lectures !

    ” Good companies will meet needs; great companies will create markets.”
    Recognition of marketing as a central business function
    BOOK: Marketing management

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  11. This video is powerful. Marketing strategy should include product
    management but more important customer management as per Dr. Phillip

  12. I’m using this for an intro class on marketing to a group of students who
    know nothing about marketing; even in 2013 i find it useful 

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