25 thoughts on “Learning Guitar to Get Laid Vol. 2”

  1. No it’s just a statement of fact. The guitar sounded like shit. I know if I
    was trying to play a guitar like that to get laid, if the major chords
    sounded minor and the minor chords sounded even worse, I would want to at
    least get them in relative tuning so that even if it’s a half step down it
    sounds okay. If your guitar sounds shitty, you sound shitty, and girls hate

  2. I say it for for the last time dude, TUNE THIS FUCKING GUITAR!!!! It sounds
    awfull!!! But anyway, really funny! xD

  3. If a guy like me (whose fingers are the most uncoordinated thing) can
    assure that finger picking in the fashion he was is incredibly easy, then
    you know he’s right. Stop getting butthurt and trying to salvage your
    “pride”. This video is all in fun, and he’s right.

  4. You dont need to be very good to get laid playing guitar, ive been doing it
    since day one. Learn to play and sing a simple song, and you’re golden. 

  5. Funny enough.I remember from high school how I was the only guy playing
    guitar (was pretty inapt in any kind of physical activity else but damn I
    was a fast guitar player) and got all the attention from the girls…2
    months later ALL the motherfuckers in my high school were guitar players.

  6. I love how that one girl on the left makes sure to get the guitar out of
    the way before joining the rest of them XD

  7. This is actually the reason I learn guitar. Not to get laid, but for when a
    guy trying to do this, I would be like “IN YOUR FACE !!!”

  8. This is disturbing. I make chords with one hand and let my little cousins
    strum to help encourage them…

  9. lol it’s funny, when I went to school it was the cool guy playing that damn
    drum who got every girls attention. And wtf, I’m on Learning How to Play
    Guitar Well Enough to Get You Laid Vol. 69 and I still ain’t gettin’ no
    pussy DX

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