25 thoughts on “Learn the notes on the guitar fretboard. Part 1 of 3”

  1. Thank you for posting this man, it is really helping and the process is
    really fun. I am progressing quickly and I got this part down really well,
    Ill keep practicing and be moving on to part two, you definately have a
    teaching gift, Keep posting this stuff. Do you make DVD’s with lessons for
    sale? You should….. Thanks again, Brad

  2. wow brah i just watch all three vids, came back to practice and i’ve
    already learned so much. The way you communicate your point is superb

  3. This teaching method has completely changed how I look at the guitar. I
    learned the c notes up to the 12th fret in 5 minutes of practice. This
    really is the best way because we need to know the notes across the strings
    rather than just up and down each string. It’s how we play scales,
    arpeggios, and solos so it only makes sense to learn across the strings. If
    we know c, we easily know b. I’ll practice both c and b tomorrow.
    Awesome!!! It was like unlocking my brain.

  4. were is c on the high E right there on the 8th fret boom ,this is a very
    good method, I have been doing it for about 2 months and it works for me
    .good job well done my friend .

  5. Go for it! I didn’t start playing until I was 38. I hit a road block after
    learning all of the open chords, but this method helped me out a ton. When
    I play scales, they make more sense to me now. Same with bar chords Another
    thing I did after learning this method is to draw a fretboard and use
    memory drills to learn the names of the notes across each fret. Once you
    know the notes, you learn everything else faster. Before, the neck was a
    mystery. Now it makes way more sense.

  6. thank you soooooo much good sir, it’s people like you that makes music so
    fun to learn on a teoretic level. thank you!

  7. Love it, aggressive and straight to the point. I have been playing the
    guitar for 15 years and never learned any chord names. This video pumps me

  8. It doesn’t matter, this method or another you still have to memorize it and
    practice practice practice.

  9. hahaha when he said: “where’s the C note on the high E string?” I
    spontaneously answered “8th fret” out loud like some little kid watching
    dora hahaha. bet you i’ll never forget at least that note.

  10. I enjoy your approach to teaching this. You’ve made me feel a way about
    learning that I haven’t felt in a while. I want to pace myself and learn
    this right, so I don’t end up just knowing half the board and forgetting
    the other half. Thank you zoo much @Cirquedeguitar

  11. Sorry if dumb question but if b is behind c then when c is on the first
    fret where is b?

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