25 thoughts on “Learn How to Play Guitar Series Lesson 1”

  1. that is melody i am playing cords dude :s but that is awesome anyway but
    for beginners i recommended to play cords first then melody

  2. You could cut an old CD into a pick might work then again maybe you like
    playing with your fingers

  3. Hm…True. I’ll just order one :D! They said that they’ll break it in two,
    but idgaf -_-

  4. Nirvana – Come as you are: open E, open E, E1, E2, open A, E2, open A, E2,
    E2. E1, open E, A2, open E, open E, A2 repeat

  5. Some excellent guitar tips right here. I think I might be implementing some
    of these on my students

  6. This is such a cool thing that you would make this video, the only thing is
    that you don’t have a mic on you and it is so hard to hear what you are
    saying, very frustrating trying to hear you, but your video is awesome!

  7. im totally new, my question is, when you strum the guitar to make a note,
    do you only hit that one string or strum all the strings?

  8. Thank you very much Joseph for this video, I am at least able to keep up
    with this instructions. Please keep them coming so when I get done learning
    everything that you have taught in this video I should be able to move on
    to the next. Again, I greatly appreciate this video.

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