17 thoughts on “Jay Abraham’s Four Sure-fire Business Strategies”

  1. The Icy Hot strategy will remain a marketing classic because it is a
    communications strategy combined with a negotiating strategy combined with
    a public relations strategy combines with a joint-venture strategy combined
    with… Only a brain like Jay´s brain could concoct such masterpiece.

  2. Another great video from Jay. As a fellow marketer I have learnt lots from
    Jay. My channel is Steve Mills Marketing TV

  3. Simply brilliant, but how many of us can implement these in our businesses
    🙂 It is not that idea is difficult but the perseverance to implement the
    idea. Syed Azam

  4. Wow. Just hold onto only ONE of these points and actually IMPLEMENT it for
    a real impact on your business. Can anyone reading here recommend Jay’s
    best book/video/product? I’m new to Jay, but have consumed some of
    Kennedy’s materials. Best, Henry

  5. What’s his last point? Programming them? Is he referring to telling a
    client at the beginning, this is what I can and will do for you, etc? 

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