Jay Abraham’s Four Sure-fire Business Strategies

Posted by Tommy Cook

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16 thoughts on “Jay Abraham’s Four Sure-fire Business Strategies”

  1. The Icy Hot strategy will remain a marketing classic because it is a communications strategy combined with a negotiating strategy combined with a public relations strategy combines with a joint-venture strategy combined with… Only a brain like Jay´s brain could concoct such masterpiece.

  2. Another great video from Jay. As a fellow marketer I have learnt lots from Jay. My channel is Steve Mills Marketing TV

  3. Wow. Just hold onto only ONE of these points and actually IMPLEMENT it for a real impact on your business. Can anyone reading here recommend Jay’s best book/video/product? I’m new to Jay, but have consumed some of Kennedy’s materials. Best, Henry

  4. What’s his last point? Programming them? Is he referring to telling a client at the beginning, this is what I can and will do for you, etc? 

  5. In business it is so easy to get overwhelmed with so much information available. It is so important to focus on the 20% of areas that provide 80% of the results. Know what your most critical marketing items are and run with them.

  6. Jay has always stressed that business builders should engineer the back-end first because the first product a client purchases from you is their introduction into your enterprise. If you design the back-end first, a lot of time you may be able to loose a little profit or breakeven on the front-end. During the relationship building process, you’re able to offer your other products and services on the back-end. There’s no end to Jay’s Strategies and Tactics.

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