5 thoughts on “Import Business Growth Strategies – Importing From China ( 13 of 13)”

  1. This Man is the Real Deal been there DONE! That & Excellent speaker
    Fantastic System. I as Professional Marketing Consultant Rank his Relaxed
    but Firm Style the Best & so Easy for People to Learn from & Follow his
    Proven System that’s the Key.So soon I will start Importing & use my Skills
    of Killer ad writing & Marketing to Advantage

  2. glad i ran into these videos, i watched it all. I’ve done this before but i
    made alot of mistakes he pointed out and i went bust. But now I’m sure i
    can do this right this time

  3. No doubt that the information this guy provides is great. He is the real
    deal. However, the cynical side of me just wonders why he is sharing the
    info which is worth diamonds to a lot of people. For sure he charges a
    price, but is this also saying that sharing this info is currently more
    profitable than keeping it? Meaning Ebay selling is now a very saturated

  4. If you go along with all of the bull crap spammy links on these videos you
    won’t to earn money. I got fooled. To see honest income proceed to the
    Zutore Cash System internet site (Google it) and ignore each of the ripoffs
    out there! Does this bs annoy anyone else?

  5. Bunch of generic information, nothing really substantial to help you create
    a successful importing business.

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