14 thoughts on “How to Paint Metal Patio Chairs — by Home Repair Tutor”

  1. Great video!! I have been thinking about spray paining 2 metal chairs I
    have but I was too afraid to mess it up, but after seeing how simple it
    seems on your video I will give it a try. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Estela, you can definitely do this project. The prep is important
    but after you get the chair ready the painting is super easy.

  3. Great ideas Sheilah, I’m all about making things easier since I’m not
    getting younger for some reason 🙂

  4. I bought these white steel chairs (link below) for outdoor use. Turns out
    they’re not outdoor friendly. The paint has turned into this powdery
    substance, so if you sit on it you’ll end up with white all over you. Also,
    there is some rusting. Do you think they’re salvageable? If so, do I have
    to wire brush and sand the entire chair or only where there is rust? Thanks.


  5. Jeff, It looks like you only brushed and sanded the areas where the paint
    was chipping. Does that mean the remaining smooth surfaces take the paint
    well? I feel like I should run steel wool over all surfaces just because
    it seems like the pain will stick better, but it is unnecessary that would
    be great! The project would be a lot faster to complete.

  6. question- What if my patio furniture is completely just rusted, can I skip
    the sanding part? 

  7. Hi! If the metal furniture wasn’t rusted would you still have to sand it
    down before painting?

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