25 thoughts on “How to do Basic Home Repairs : How to Repair Holes in Drywall for Home Improvement”

  1. Im looking to fill in fist holes LOL. This doesn’t help. Im with
    TheGreenFishOfGod on this one… Haha

  2. depend son the size of whole if its close to 13″ I’d just say cut out to
    the studs and put on a piece of board to fill the gap. But I’ve covered
    holes of about 7 to 12″ with standard drywall tape and mud. it just may
    take more then 2 coats. the proper method to any taping is actually 3 coats.

  3. i just put a 7.5 inch by 3 inch hole in the wall..not really a round hole
    but i can just fit my iphone in there. is this size fixable or too big? i
    dun want to cut anything like on all the other vids. pleaase help.

  4. what do you do if you have deep cracks in the drywall? I bought an old
    house and the previous owner had installed wall shelves and it looks like
    the items on the shelves were too heavy that it made the wall crack in
    different places.

  5. What’s the product called? I totally need this. And can you tell me the
    price too? Also where is this sold? Thanks. I will subscribe if you give me
    all info. Thanks!

  6. @Bl00dSh0T7100 At the age of 16 it might not be easy to find all of the
    gear that you need to plaster the wall. However, I have come across many
    videos and tutorials on youtube. Good Luck

  7. Well thank you good sir, I owe you one. My dog tackled me into a wall,
    while I was holding a Co2 bottle, and that left a 1 1/2 inch dent/hole in
    the wall.

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