25 thoughts on “Home Repair – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/26/2013”

  1. Pure Norm ones more, condemn to be hidden by the 1/2 Adam

    Home tool box, list of locals who your able to call and they fix things 

  2. Norm was ill, leave him alone you can hear how ill he is when he speaks and
    he keeps rubbing his nose because its blocked you nasty people

  3. Electrical work tip: Set a couple of hours aside to map out all your
    circuit breakers so that you can always turn off the right one.

  4. This was the best yet – like just sitting around bullshitting with you
    guys. You managed to wedge in some content but for these segments I don’t
    even care. I think I’m gonna go give your site money.

  5. For illumination during home repair, the *best* thing I’ve found is a good
    head-mounted light. It keeps your hands free, it’s always pointed the right
    way, and it goes pretty much anywhere you can fit your head.

    Absolutely a must have for tight spots, but it works well even for mundane
    things like doing wiring in a room where you’ve cut power.

  6. Oh, 20 minutes into the video and I realized that Norm is there in the
    corner. Hmm, I’ll be damned.

  7. The previous owner of our house were my in-laws who didn’t do shit to the
    house since Reagan got elected. It’s now on us to fix and upgrade
    everything from the tub, shower, garage doors, cabinets, fixtures, major
    appliances, the roof…

  8. My two main gripes about Still untitled:
    1. Too short. At least 45 minutes would be better because you guys get
    started really well after 10 minutes or so (even though those 10 minutes
    are fun) and then the show abrubptly ends. 30 minutes is too long for
    casual viewing and too short to set it as a background when doing something
    in the workshop.

    2. Let Norm get to talk too lol.

  9. Could Norm have been more irelivant to this show? Half hidden behind props
    and barely said 4 words, he must be a renter. 

  10. A suggested fix for your LED bulb issue Adam –

    Buddy of mine has a couple and loves them. I haven’t clicked buy on them
    just yet. Would love to have you test them and see if they offer a better
    solution to your wireless LED bulbs.

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