25 thoughts on “Home Repair : How to Replace Cracked Tile”

  1. Thanks for this video. Really appreciate the step by step scenes while you
    explain! You should have your own show! Real pro!

  2. My question would be why not use a construction adhesive with a new tile
    without chipping out the old thinset?

  3. Hey , do you wipe it off right after with water or wait a little longer for
    the grout to sink in? Thanks. good video.

  4. I’ve layed full tile floors/showers etc but never have I replaced just one
    broken tile in the middle of a floor. Would it be okay to use my 4″ angle
    grinder and diamond blade to cut the grout out or is the handy dandy grout
    scraper a must?? I have 3 tile to replace in my g/f’s pet hospital this
    week so any help would be appreciated…thanks

  5. What about putting sealer on the new grout? Hmm, looks like he never
    answers the questions here. Not good.

  6. You didn’t mention that grouting should wait until AFTER the original
    thinset has dried & hardened…at least overnight.

  7. Looks good, but you got to use more expansive thinset next time (Mapei
    Kerabond Keralastic or Customs Megabond). It will not come out that easy.

  8. Not only safety glasses but gloves and long sleeves are good too. I was
    careless and got a nasty ceramic splinter in my thumb from the second
    strike of the hammer. Thank goodness it was not my eye.

  9. Hehe, I had the same concern. It looks like the grout in the video was
    already worked on. If it ends up not being that easy, you can use a
    Dremel-type tool with a grout attachment.

  10. Thanks for the video! I just inspected one of my rental properties and
    found 6 cracked tiles. I was going to sub it out but it’s too small a job
    for a tile person. I’ll do it myself thanks to your vid!

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