17 thoughts on “Gutters and Downspouts Maintenance and Repair Tips – Home 101”

  1. Great video, that Joel guy looks so natural and he is fun to watch. He
    kinda reminds me of my old neighbor. Thanks for posting can’t wait to see

  2. Mmmm, gutter gunk! Great job! Really useful information. Can Joel and
    Courtney come over and clean my gutters?

  3. uh i think you guys suck you can not say don’t hurt or scratch your gutter
    while having your ladder propped up on it

  4. Funny…dont damage or sratch the gutter while leaning on the
    gutter…captain obvious…this is an easy way to show folks how to clean
    out the gutter…only thing missing is having ladder boots or a towel on
    the gutter where the ladder is..Courtney and Joel are a good Team…would
    like to see more with more details

  5. yeah come to my house where you will be up twice as high as you are now and
    lean that ladder against the gutters without standoffs. this is one half
    ass instructional video.

  6. instructions: 1. Place ladder right against gutter, crushing it severely,
    step 2 call a professional to replace crushed gutters.

  7. like the other commenters have said, *do not do* as shown in this “how to
    video”! Leaning your ladder against the gutter crushes it, as can clearly
    be seen happening at the 1 minute mark. Nice one Lowe’s!

  8. Yes leaning a ladder against the gutter is considered a no no – but really
    what is the alternative? Step ladders won’t cut it in many situations.
    Platforms are too expensive… any suggestions?

  9. Use a ladder. If you want to make sure you don’t scratch your gutters, duct
    tape some material to your ladder where it’s going to touch the gutters.
    Thanks for visiting Lowe’s on YouTube. – Lowe’s

  10. You will be there all day doing it like this. I just climb up on the roof
    with the leaf blower and blow everything out. Then its time to mow the lawn.

  11. The gutters can support eait people. Even leaning a latter against it won’t
    damage it, unless you weigh 300lbs. So stop saying how dumb it is to lean
    the ladder against it, since you don’t even know how durable the gutters

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    Gutters and Downspouts Maintenance and Repair Tips – Home 101

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