25 thoughts on “Guitar Lesson – Chasing Cars (Easy Version) – Part 1 – Learn Guitar in London”

  1. Thank you so so so so SO much for this video. I had purchased my guitar two
    months ago and I haven’t even touched it since. Because learning was simply
    so hard through videos. But you go so slow and in depth, perfect for
    someone who JUST started and wants to learn everything from the names of
    each string, to the fret placements, the right hand motions. That is
    exactly what I needed to learn but didn’t find in any other tutorial
    videos. Thank you so much! I’ll be checking out your site for part 2

  2. I had about ten 30 minute guitar lessons with school about 3 or 4 years ago
    and they cost my mum about £30 to £50 and I learnt practically nothing,
    this video is 10 minutes long, free and taught me more than twice as much.

  3. Hey Drew! this was so unbelievably helpful! also i signed up to your
    website twice for the second half of this lesson and to get some more but i
    haven’t not revived your email or confirmation as yet?

  4. thanks for this tut.. ive had a guitar laying around for while.. and this
    video made me pick it up. and for that im subbing to you. many thanks

  5. Drew, I love you but I can not get part 2 of snow patrol.. Please help
    Donna P. in Dallas Texas

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