Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: the difference and why it matters

Posted by Tommy Cook

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18 thoughts on “Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: the difference and why it matters”

  1. I found this to be boring. The flow and focus was lost early in. Nearly
    every example was taken from a timeframe between Hannibal and 1985. I
    didn’t walk away with one single thought that made me say WOW. Chevrolet’s
    auto lineup 20 years ago and how Hannibal fought wars is of no interest to
    me today. I wonder how long that presentation has been around?

  2. Another in a long line of “presentations” by business school “scholars”
    using their typical technique of employing vacuous statements, in bombastic
    tones, to express obvious or incorrect observations and analyses. It is
    fatuousness personified.

  3. its just another kind of boring book that you will read but not really
    helpful (i.e. if you read a lot of business strategy and peoples

  4. great insight really helped.he seen something other’s have missed because
    it was,obvious

  5. Great very interesting presentation Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: the
    difference and why it matters

  6. It was very interesting in the beginning, and somehow I lost it in the
    middle. maybe I am not well educated in this part?

  7. Wow. This guy loves bragging.
    Now, I’m not saying he is lying. He just really seem to looove bragging.

  8. This was very very good – Incredibly engaging. The use of real examples
    really helped.

  9. Imagine how much more compelling this video would be if you could actually
    see the screen…

  10. Wish the recording also included the slides in the shot. Poor recording

  11. Interesting and engaging. The timeline for the comments for a 5 year old
    recording really speaks to how this topic is still relevant and

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