Fitness Center Business Plan – 5 Keys to Fitness Center Marketing

Fitness Center Business Plan
In this video on the 5 keys to fitness center marketing, Bedros Keulian from Ptpower discusses several of the major things you need to include to be successful.

If you are staring out in fitness club marketing make sure you know who your niche is. In your fitness center business plan figure out who you are training, get a very laser like approach when creating your fitness business plans.

What are the clients that you want to attract in your fitness studio. Knowing your market is an important fitness center marketing plan.

Make sure to use lead tracking strategies to determine where you are getting the best ROI for your fitness company. A marketing plan for a fitness center can use different strategies such as print ads, Facebook ads, and Postcard mailers.

Figure out how much you are going to charge, don’t develop your price points on what the competition is charging. Be the Rolls Royce. and offer risk reversal to have higher prices

testimonials, reviews, online reviews Yelp, Google

builds confidence in your service so people are willing to pay more for your higher rates

sell an outcome (leaner, weigh less, more energy), not in the personal training business
you are in the “outcome business” – then deliver your outcome and guarantee results in
the first 30 days.

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  5. Great stuff Bedros. In the heart of NYC with a private coaching facility.
    Just started using EFT’s for contract memberships and it works great. 

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  10. Appreciate the change in mindset offered of deliving an outcome instead of
    just thinking I’m offering personal training. What an “AHA” moment for me.
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