Fitness Business Success Strategies with John Spencer Ellis & Mike Mahler This is some really cool FREE video training. No, this is not a 5, 10 or even 15 minute video without out substance. You are about to watch a full-length, comprehensive training video that will teach you the following:
1. How to stand out as a true fitness expert
2. How to partner with the industry’s elite
3. How to make information products and make passive income
4. Why some fitness pros FAIL and other CRUSH IT!
5. How to get tons of repeat traffic to your fitness website
6. Much, much more including some “in ya face” truth that may hurt but will help you rock your fitness career.

Posted by Tommy Cook

I'm a Quality Control Technician who is really into keeping things spotless and perfect. I love to talk about business, sports and taking risks. I'm not afraid of speaking my mind and I do love a healthy exchange of ideas.

5 thoughts on “Fitness Business Success Strategies with John Spencer Ellis & Mike Mahler”

  1. Great short video for some information and tips how to be success in
    Fitness Business !! KEep on sharing some strategies ..Thanks !!

  2. Just came across your channel today. Although I don’t work in the fitness
    industry these days, I have found lots of helpful stuff that applies to my
    line of work here. Just general truths that pervade all aspects of life
    regardless of what you do for a living. Great stuff, thanks guys!

  3. ha wow, I use to live in the same area as the guy on the left and now live
    where the guy on the right lives

  4. Hi Jse, I’ve listened to many of your interviews, having especially enjoyed
    your conversations with Mike and Rocco. I can’t tell you how incredibly
    helpful your advice has been, thanks! I’m a recently qualified YMCA-fit
    fitness instructor in the UK and am starting a P-A-Y-go group fitness class
    based on non-contact MMA conditioning. Something I’m concerned with is I
    haven’t found much info on med-screening a continually rolling client base,
    can I kindly ask your thoughts in this? Cheers, Jeff

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    single extra minute in the gym, then you really want to look closely this
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