25 thoughts on “Easy Drywall Repair a typical home improvement (CC)”

  1. This was the first video I made.I hope you have seen some improvement in
    video and audio since. This video has a pretty good search results and alot
    of people can find it. If I remake it it would be two years or more before
    as many people can find it like they can today.+++Bob

  2. this method seems so easy! is this as strong as using fiberglass tape
    method? cant wait for a hole in sheetrock so i can try this!

  3. A building supply store should have large sheets of drywall. If you have a
    textured wall, I would suggest you do a search for “how to do a knockdown

  4. One more improvement over last idea. Instead of ripping off patch paper.
    You instead trace your patch paper on the wall it will fill. Scribe the
    wall paper (wall that will be patched) and pull the paper off that. Then
    apply mud and put patch in straight flush with paper surface tension
    integrity greatly increased. Nit picky I know, but hey why not try for a
    Un-detectable patch?

  5. I accidently made a hole in my wall and I want to fix it. But I dont have
    these materials

  6. this is probably the best technique ive seen. you might want to fix the
    captions though.

  7. Good Job Bob. Should have used a steel patch in case your dumb ass friend
    comes over again. Hahaha…… seriously. Excellent video.

  8. How much would this all be and where can I find the materials?? I got
    pissed and kicked a hole in my wall >.> . . .

  9. Hey Bob, We call that the Tic-Tac-Toe Method down here in Texas. Just make
    sure the inner Square is slightly smaller than your Hole. As your cutting
    just think Tic- Tac-Toe. Great Video My Friend !

  10. hey bob if i dont have any of those tools or materials, how much would it
    cost to get all of that?

  11. lol na I was watching videos and this was in the related videos and I was
    bored so I watched, great video though seems like it could help to know
    this one day :]

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