24 thoughts on “DIY Home Repair: Touch Lamps”

  1. good video but in the future you shouldnt repeat your self so many times.
    thats what rewind is for. but good vid man!!!!

  2. Sorry, it’s a bad habit, texhorns10. Most of the videos I do are on the fly
    as I think of them. Thanks for the compliment. -MrFixit

  3. I just bought a replacement touch switch, but am a little confused by the
    wiring. Would be awesome if you could show how to repair a touch lamp w/ a
    new touch switch 🙂

  4. I’ll see what I can do, baysiderulez101. In the mean time, The controller
    has 4 wires, black, grey (or red), yellow, and white. The BLACK wire
    connects to lamp cord’s ‘HOT’ wire (smooth wire to small blade on plug),
    The WHITE wire connects to the cord’s ‘NEUTRAL’ (rigid wire to wide blade
    on plug) and the white wire from lamp socket. The GREY (or RED) wire
    connects to the Black wire to the lamp socket. The YELLOW wire connects to
    the base’s lock nut on the shaft that wires go thru. -MrFixit

  5. You can use either method I showed in the video or you can purchase a
    replacement touch controller module, probably at Lowes or Home Depot, and
    follow the installation instructions that comes with them. Does the lamp
    not turn off or not turn on? They do use a Triac similar to the one I used
    in “Testing the Triode for Alternating Current” video and can be replaced,
    the actual IC controller cannot without replacing the whole unit. -MrFixit

  6. Would have been a lot better if you actually replaced the touch dimmer with
    a new touch dimmer. I have a similar lamp with three bulbs and can’t get
    the new dimmer to work.

  7. I would have done that if stores around here sold replacement touch lamp
    dimmer controls. What model touch dimmer are you trying to use? it could be
    a mis-wiring. -MrFixit

  8. I have a touch lamp all the light bulbs work but 1. I would to fix it where
    all the bulbs work even if i convert it to a regular lamp. Do you have a
    video on rewiring a touch lamp for all three bulbs to work?

  9. Any idea how to make a touch lamp where you can turn it on when touching
    the plant leaves at the base.

  10. I could not find a repair shop to replace my touch switch! My husband
    followed your instructions on how to replace it to baysiderulez101! We now
    have a working touch lamp! Thank you so much! By the way, the first time he
    tried to replace it with the instructions that came with the switch, he
    blew it up! LOL!!! Thank you again so much!

  11. Worked a charm. 10 cent fix thanks to you guys and the local habitat store
    for the switch.

  12. Where would I buy the 2way push button switch…..all the ones I have seen
    have 3 wires not 2….please help…I’m trying to fix this lamp for my mom
    for Christmas….she didn’t want to throw it away but if I can’t fix it
    that’s what’s going to happen…

  13. if you ever do this do NOT!!! use wire nuts always use the ones that crimp.
    Especially if you have children or pets.

  14. Thank you very much for the video. I will try to fix my touch lamp now.
    Not sure why they dont make better touch sensitive circuits. Seems like
    this is a common problem with touch lamps. Thanks anyways.

  15. Thank you for the video and will now try to repair my lamp which is exactly
    like the one you were using. Appreciated both options you showed and also
    the repeat reminders about the differences on hot/neutral cords. thanks!

  16. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. What are the black marks high on your
    forehead? Soot? Dirt? 

  17. You don’t have to cut off the crimped splice caps. Squeeze them opposite of
    the crimp, it will open them up and the wires slip out. Don’t re-use them
    as they are thin aluminum and will fail. Anyway for a few bucks you can buy
    a replacement 3 way touch dimmer module and replace it one for one and have
    the same touch dimming lamp. Just make sure you match the line voltage of
    the module to your line voltage in the house, ie use 110V modules in north
    america and 220 in Europe.

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