25 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Business Strategies”

  1. How to bot guys these people have ruined this game some botters run 2k
    accounts so normal playing like me can’t really afford to sit there all day
    making gold on d3 guys and girls really…. you don’t know how much these
    people are ruining the game and Kripp the smug piece of shit is one of them
    people I payed money for this game only to have it ruined by botters and
    knob heads like Kripp who by the way I would love to smash his scabby teeth
    out of his head putting ideas into people heads I

  2. In the end, the only thing left to do is level to 99. Everything else is
    trading and watching the economy. Farming wasn’t even an option. Like
    running 3 days for 1 ber rune ? Which costs like 30 fg lawl. The only way
    to earn good items was to trade mainly.

  3. I think you needed more attention as a child, too bad Michael Jackson is no
    longer around to comfort your silly ass. You sound like a complete troll
    and fucking arrogant prick. I’m positive the world would be much better off
    if you befriended oncoming traffic as soon as possible. Good luck with
    that, we are all hoping you get struck by the first car that passes.

  4. Lol, D3 “The Auction Game”. Does anyone even log in their chars anymore?
    Glad I moved to PoE

  5. You cant compare to other ripoffs in this world and be like ”hey this
    ain’t bad”. You have to see it the other way around. Look at how many
    games you can buy for under 50$ that will last months to years of fun, and
    this is not the case.

  6. Hay, why don’t you tell your fans to buy crafting mats (ex. Brimstone)
    which has jumped 200% in price cause of patch 1.0.4. I bought it before
    they gave the preview of the patch.

  7. Not to condone “illegal” practices but couldn’t you just buy Gold outside
    the RMAH, buy the Radiant Star gems and then sell those for an even greater
    profit? I already did the math, 100 mil is 100$… currently a Radiant Star
    Emerald is ~17 mil and sells for 23$ currently.

  8. For console sure is, for PC sure isnt. Im talkin about exclusive games for
    PC, most of them cost less and last alot longer.

  9. On math yes it’s a 6% profit, which is a lot, but you also say only 30 to
    40% of your gold sell, so isn’t it more like 106% * (30% to 40%) = 31.8% to
    42.4%? In other words, it’s a 57.6% to 68.2% real money sink hole into gold?

  10. Hey kripp, how is it going 🙂 ? Just wanted to say that i love ur channel,
    you re doing a very great job keep up the good work !!!

  11. I used to sell rubies in the RMAH with better prices back then but has
    dropped considerably maybe to less online players. The question now is, who
    makes these cheap gems in the RMAH and how can they still sell at lowered
    prices? They got to lose some gold somehow. Now, this makes sense. Thanks
    Kripp! I should have analyzed that change.

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