16 thoughts on “Business Studies Marketing Strategies Part 1”

  1. Thank you for this webinar. It was VERY beneficial. Would you be able to do
    a finance webinar?

  2. Hey ‘sbazzi100’ I will pass on the suggestion to Thomas. Hope you liked the
    webinar! I will send you a link to a free set of business studies notes
    covering last years syllabus. There is still a relevant topic which should

  3. Hey Tessa, will follow up with Thomas. He has just been a bit busy with his
    uni work but will be sure to pass on the suggestions and get an update for
    you regarding his part 2 web seminar 🙂

  4. Please do more, these are extremely helpful!! esp. since hsc business exam
    is in less than two weeks! – Thank you so much!

  5. Your enthusiasm is much more interesting than my text book, thank you, it
    made studying this topic less boring.

  6. Regarding your comment about Loss Leaders, it is not essentially temporary,
    Business’s can implement Long Term Loss leaders which will be known as
    unfair competition. It is an unethical behaviour , although i do see where
    your coming from. Your perspective of thinking is that if business’s
    implement Long term loss leaders they will eventually loss profits? how
    ever that is not the case, Long term loss leaders is a very unethical
    strategy which can influence the sales of products and flexibility of
    Although there are other forms of unethical behaviours such as bate
    advertising, which is quite similar to Long term Loss leaders except the
    business is just fooling customers because they do not have the actual
    Anyways i hope you understand my perspective of thinking, Loss Leaders can
    be implemented Long term and not temporarily, but it is unethical to do so
    as it is under ‘engaging in unfair competition’.
    Dem Cheeky business’s.

    Hope to see more from you tutorials from you 🙂 

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