8 thoughts on “Business Strategies for Patents”

  1. You mentioned that you got a Design Patent for TC Pets, how did Stuffies
    copy your idea without violating the Design Patent? Would there have been
    anything else you could have done to protect yourself with that idea?

  2. Thanks! Let me know if you would like any other questions answered in
    upcoming videos.

  3. Great question! I have not pursued Stuffies with my design patent rights,
    we are taking everything in to consideration. I don’t think there is
    anything else we could have done other then beat them to market, but
    unfortunately we couldn’t get the DRTV partner to help make that possible:(

  4. Have a prototype invention in hand, assistance where to go from here? Very
    low manufacturing cost with huge margin.

  5. Loaded question:) Depends on the goal to know what to do next. Do you have
    a patent? Do you want to make and sell or license? Happy to answer this
    question on my next video if you send me a quick video demo then everyone
    can see the product, questions and answers and learn from it together.

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