25 thoughts on “Beginning fingerstyle guitar : Learn Freight train 1 + tablature”

  1. Great song as I viewed Elizabeth Cotten’s video performance and remember
    Peter Paul and Mary’s rendition. Enjoyed your lesson and was wondering if
    you had tabs of this lesson. Dank u wel.

  2. Jan 4/11: I know you said to pinch the 5th and 1st string when starting,
    but do you continue to do that when you next hit the 5th string and so on.
    It seems to work, but I’m not sure that is what you are doing. In any case,
    I am, after 40 years, finally able to get the rhythm and melody working
    together — thanks to you. It’s slow going but I know I’ll get there. I
    could always Travis pick but not with base and melody. This is a great
    help. Thank you so much!!!! Barry in Montreal

  3. frankly rare are people who know how to learn patient gently and calmly.
    Most can be carried away by the fast, thank you for your lesson, I have
    trouble with my small needs and my index finger on the two strings of mi.
    as I have small fingers. There – it a trick or a position that I have to

  4. i just noticed the “something to write home about” vinyl in the background
    during the intro…now i respect you even more! :)

  5. whats with you idiots? How good are you at saying 3 in dutch? Hicks. Try
    getting more than 5 miles from your house, you babies. Some dude is giving
    out free info and you respond to his niceness with lame insults? You’d last
    about half a second in any real place beside your mommas kitchen. 

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