25 thoughts on “Beginner guitar lesson learn the notes on the fretboard EZ!”

  1. Why does everyone else make this so hard, been playing for years just
    finally had the light bulb go on

  2. i’m a straight up newbie. this is fine to know all the notes going down
    the fretboard, but how do you know when to play the A on the 6th string or
    the A on the 5th string? where’s that part at in the video?

  3. Thank you for that lesson!!!! Have been self-teaching for the past 2 years
    and did not know this stuff!!! You have helped me kick down a large wall!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  4. i actually got so excited watching this tutorial i nearly punched a small
    child! thank you sir!

  5. Wow! I already have CRS! 72-Notes, I’d Never Remember, all those, and
    trying my way! You just made it alot easier!!!

  6. OK, listen to me. This will change your life. Assign the following Note
    Values to each note: E=6, F=7, G=9, A=11, B=13, C=14, D=16. Assign the
    following String Values to each string beginning with the low E: E=6, A=5,
    D=4, G=3, B=2, e=6. That’s right, both E strings get a 6 because they are
    the same.

    Now, for the notes on the 6th, 4th, 2nd and 6th (high e) strings, the
    String Number + the Fret Number = the Note Value. So for example the 5th
    fret on the 6th string = 5 + 6 = 11 = A. Try it. It works.

    The 2nd string is different (of course) because of the tuning. Let’s take C
    for example. 2 + 1 = 3 = ? Oops. We don’t go that low. Let’s try instead 2
    + ? = 14 = C. The fret is 12. But that’s a B. Slide up 1 fret to get the
    note C. This is how to do all the notes on the 2nd string, again because of
    the tuning.

    For the 5th and 3rd strings just subtract 6 from the Note Values above and
    it works the same way. For example, on the 5th string, 7th fret = 5 + 7 =
    12. 12 – 6 = 6 = E.

    Do these for a few minutes and you can easily go from finding the note name
    on any string and fret to finding where the B notes are all over the

    Just memorize the Note Values above and you’re done. ;-)

  7. I’ve only had my guitar for about 6 weeks but I’d have to say that the
    thing that helped me the most was knowing a little about piano. All the
    black keys represent flats & sharps and there are no black keys between B
    and C or between E and F. This is a good tutorial for beginners such as
    myself. I’d also like to learn to play the scale using the different
    strings/frets like you were playing towards the end of your video. You did
    that so quickly! It was awesome! I want to learn to do that!!!! Thanks
    for this video. Much appreciated! :)

  8. I just recently just started playing guitar.. I got my Lyon a couple years
    ago for a starter, and when I seen this video I took about 25 mins to get
    this down. you have helped me a lot man.. Thanks!

  9. never commented on anything before, had to, easy simple and very well
    explained….just subscribed, keep em coming man, thanks!!!

  10. Very helpful, before watching your videos I was one of those that relied on
    shapes and tabs now I know what I’m playing and where, great work!

  11. Hey man great video! It is quite easy. But I recently got into learning
    guitar and in some videos came across terms like pentatonic scale and blues
    scale. Now sorry for sounding like a noob but is there any lesson
    explaining those in detail? Or should I be worrying about those terms right
    now? Thanks

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