10 thoughts on “6 Steps to Learn Guitar – (Matt McCoy)”

  1. this is great and very informative, wish I had this video a year ago when I
    first started ..woulda lerned a lot quicker… you really do have a great
    way of teaching and its so much easier than from anyone else I’ve watched
    lessons from.

  2. Well thank you! You definitely will! Ha I deleted that one that you
    commented on cause I have a new and improved version up now ;P but I
    appreciated that comment!

  3. That was great Matt. Could you do a video on the 6th step? Like hammer ons,
    scales and other cool things to personalize a song . God bless you. 

  4. Thanks man your setting a great example to the community your helping a lot
    of people see god clearly and teaching us about music god is doing great

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