16 thoughts on “5 Tax Saving Tips for Real Estate Investors”

  1. Hey Phil, I’m 20 and getting into real estate investing and the information
    you spread is very useful. Cheers, from Wisconsin.

  2. Awesome advice as always Phil. We really appreciate all the work you do to
    make these powerful videos.

  3. What would be the Depreciation difference say I rent a house that recently
    built rather than an old house that I bought?

  4. Hi Phil, in one of your other videos you mention putting investment
    property you purchase into a trust for anonymity. From what I read that is
    super expensive because you have to hire a trust attorney that understands
    the complexity and tax laws. What am I missing here? For a first time
    investor that doesn’t seem practical. 

  5. Phil is a really smart guy, I’m highly motivated I know I’m 21 years young
    every since I was 17 I thought about real estate investing but have not
    found anyone in the business to guide me and show me the process. I watched
    multiple of Phil’s videos it is so interesting the things I learned and
    never knew I wish someone can just show me how to start.

  6. You want to be active participant but not real estate professional. Te
    latest will make your passive income a business and you will pay self
    employed tax

    Also good to mention selling your primary residence – every two year you
    can take advantage of selling your home without paying taxes on
    appreciation up to 250K for single person or $500K for MFJ. You must live 2
    years in the home out of 5 last but they don’t have to be consecutive 

  7. hey phil I’m trying to understand which entity your other video was less
    direct and I’m trying to figure out what would be best for me i have a
    rental that I’m working on and I’ve been doing research in land trusts and
    I’m some what confused on wether i should go SP or get a land trust for my
    property and make myself the beneficiary

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