9 thoughts on “2 – Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – Adding Your Website To Google Webmaster Tools”

  1. When I added my site and verified it, the verification process was
    different..I added two email addresses and the site was verified…I could
    not find the process you used.

  2. Wow ! What a nice informative video post of “Webmaster Tools” that I’ve
    been searching for a long time. No doubt, this will be helpful for the
    webmasters. Thanks & I praise thee !!! -Roger graphicsicon.co.uk

  3. You are fantastic, as you give such a explicit explanation. I am actually
    understanding SEO. You are so great at explaining as a teacher to a
    pupil. Thank you for your wonderful videos.

  4. can some one help me i dont know if im doing it wrong but i copy that meta
    tag that google gave me, i saved and upload (put) it and after few seconds
    i press verify: it gives me,: Verification failed for
    http://www.andrewebstyle.co.za/ using the HTML file method (less than a
    minute ago). Your verification file was not found.
    Any one got advice.

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