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Fiscal Future Daily: The Divide on the Debt Ceiling Between Leaders and the Public

Surveys show two-thirds of Washington leaders support raising the nation’s debt ceiling, yet about 47 percent of the general public opposes it. The answer for the gap may lie in how experts and the public approach problems — and in the high number of “don’t knows.”


Fiscal Future Daily: To D.C. Insiders, Budget Now on a Par With Economy as Most Important Problem

Whatever you think about Washington’s budget debate, there’s no question the fiscal focus inside the Beltway has shifted – and this new survey from Public Agenda shows how. Concern about the nation’s finances has more than doubled among “movers and shakers.” In fact with this group it’s on a par with the economy as “the most important problem” facing the country.


Fiscal Future Daily: The Road Behind Us

How did we get here? A decade ago, the budget agencies were projecting huge surpluses, now we face a national debt that all the experts agree is “unsustainable.” We’re always talking about the choices involved in getting out of our fiscal problems; now the fiscal program at the Pew Charitable Trusts as come up with a chart showing the choices that got us into it in the first place.