Winning Business Strategies for Entrepreneurial Adventurers with Ande Lyons | Winning Business Strategies for Entrepreneurial Adventurers

Ande Lyons is one of the most genuinely enthusiastic people I’ve met. Her positive vibe and attitude make me smile every time I see a post, a picture or a comment from her in my social stream. Ande brings that same mindset and positivity to her clients as she helps entrepreneurial adventurers navigate business start up and the strategies and skills required for business success. And that’s where this Adventure in Visibility takes us … on a journey to explore the winning strategies you need to cultivate to create a successful online presence and business.

Ande and I discussed:

✰ Why mindset matters and how to manage yours
✰ How to build your credibility
✰ Establishing your online presence
✰ What you can do to create lots of visibility

(That’s a lot of info for a 30 minute HOA!)

An enthusiastic and experienced entrepreneur with an MBA and four successful businesses to her credit, *Ande Lyons* is the founder and Chief Possibility Officer of Possibility Partners, where she helps Startups and Early Stage Entrepreneurs launch, brand and build their businesses without spending a fortune or wasting time.
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