VideoBrief: ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ Business Management Book Synopsis

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24 thoughts on “VideoBrief: ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ Business Management Book Synopsis”

  1. What a nice comment to leave! Thank you so much for such wonderful
    feedback. Much success to you in your research. :)

  2. This is interesting, and I have been reading a lot about the Blue Ocean
    strategy thanks to a man named Sean Malstrom, who uses the strategy to
    examine Nintendo. Thanks!

  3. Take this advice from a university student who has been choosing Blue Ocean
    (Marketing) electives for the past two years: It is entirely a crock of
    shit. Blue Ocean, the concept, is very descriptive rather than
    prescriptive. Instead, they label “Blue Ocean” ideas as simply ideas that
    have made money and worked. What you’ll find is that the Blue Ocean idea is
    heavily flawed as a concept. If you want proof; name me a company that
    actually used ‘Blue Ocean’ to become successful.. I’ll be waiting

  4. Nintendo repeatedly says they used a Blue Ocean Strategy with the Wii and
    DS. The iPhone and iPod are clearly Blue Oceans as well in the technology
    front. Toyota used Blue Ocean with their hybrid vehicles. The reason you
    don’t see it often is because Blue Oceans are very risky. Thanks very much
    to the creator for providing this helpful video! :D

  5. blue ocean = concept copied from another concept by people who wanted to be
    rich, called one century ago “major innovation”

  6. @sabdow Um, Google. Apple. Wikipedia. Older examples: Sony Walkman; Pong I
    could easily write a list of hundreds of companies who have set sail for
    blue waters, creating new markets. Jet Blue, Virgin Space (literally), and
    on and on. Being in blue oceans doesn’t guarantee success, it guarantees
    space. Big difference.

  7. Typical response from a Blue Ocean fanboy. If you had any clue, you would
    realise that the companies you listed did not actually employ Blue Ocean
    strategies at all. In fact, you’re just saying they did because they’re
    successful. Do you even know how the Blue Ocean Framework operates? It only
    says two things. Raise a quality, or Lower a quality — and hope that it’s
    going to sell in the market. It does not teach you shit.

  8. you have clearly either not been paying attention in class, not read the
    book, or have the reading comprehension of a 2 year old. research
    Christiensen’s Disruption Strategy, the two are heavily linked, and it may
    help you to understand.

  9. @bryaneye I am not much of a reader neither. The alternative I have found
    is to listen to audiobooks while I work out.

  10. @sabdow AKB48… rather than an idol group… a theater idol group :o….
    it makes sense … I think 

  11. Super Summary. Download des Webinars mit 12 Tools um Blue Ocean Strategy
    Innovationen freizusetzen. Unter in der Academy, natürlich
    in deutsch. Viel Erfolg.

  12. Fantastic simple video to help me understand the blue ocean strategy.
    Thanks for taking the time to make this! 

  13. Fantastic simple video to help me understand the blue ocean strategy.
    Thanks for taking the time to make this! 

  14. You cannot imagine how much time and effort you saved me!!! Thanks in
    advance for helping me in my assignment :)

  15. Does this book actually give strategies for creating or entering “blue
    oceans” or does it simply say that by entering a “blue ocean” the
    competition is irrelevant? I want to know this before reading so that I
    don’t waste my time. Thanks!

  16. just founded a company named REINVENTA DEE OCEANS LTD…we provide in terms
    of consultancy this fantastic strategy to our clients ..:)

  17. not more than common sense in my eyes. It’s logical that you seek for
    markets that are not fully grown yet. It’s like saying that a giraffe has a
    long neck to eat from a high tree. We all know it but we never speak about

  18. Yes. One thing I regret not having included in this video is examples of
    strategies and how to enter blue oceans.

  19. Haven’t read the book, but wouldn’t such jumps into the unknown be risky
    and failure prone? You may have some great successes, like Apple, but you
    have way more failures. Maybe that’s the reason it doesn’t happen more
    often, and not because no one thought of it.. 

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