Vemma – Two Kick Butt Strategies to Build Your Vemma Business – Part 2
“Vemma – Two Kick Butt Strategies to Build Your Vemma Business – Part 2”

This is part 2 of Christian’s Vemma training video. In this video Christian talks more about how he drives traffic and leads to his business via online video and paid ads. He also discusses how you want to structure and build your own Vemma websites that is branded with you instead of your company info.

Christian also shares his contact information with folks watching the video so that they can get in touch with him and get their questions about Vemma and marketing answered.

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Feb 6, 2012 — Vemma was founded by the Boreyko Family in 2004. Behind this company is the creative vision of Vemma Founder and CEO, BK Boreyko, who runs the company…

0:07 – Part 2 of the Vemma training
0:16 – Vemma strategies for marketing better
0:42 – Getting traffic to your Vemma websites
1:28 – Using replicated Vemma webpages?
2:18 – How to attract Vemma leads
3:52 – Using video to promote Vemma.
4:45 – Vemma technique for more qualified prospects
6:00 – Register for Vemma webinar training

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  1. This was very hard for me before I watched this video. MLM is difficult but
    you are so nice, thanks for the tips man!

  2. Awesome video! I watched your other video as well and you are really
    sharing useful advice. Thank you very much!

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    portals are the number one media right now. It’s essential to grasp it
    while it lasts.

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  6. Thanks for the advice man. I am new to Vemma and will definitely give this
    a try. Don’t be surprised to get a text or call from me!!

  7. Vemma is an awesome company. Thx for the great video

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